Electric Car Chargers  

The Parish Council have provided two 7.2kW EV chargers at the rear of the Town Hall in Manchester Square.

The Type-2 (Mennekes) sockets are available for use by any EV driver, such as residents with no off street parking or visitors to the village. The sockets are part of the Pod Point Open Charge Network.

To use the chargers, simply plug in and then visit or download the Pod-Point app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Once connected your car will start to charge and you have 15 minutes to confirm your charging session by selecting the name of the charger (which is displayed below the socket) either within the app by tapping the  Confirm Charge  button, or webpage by clicking the  Claim Charge  button. If you do not do this your charging session will stop after 15 minutes and you will need to unplug, reconnect your car and go through the confirmation process again. 

Please ensure you have sufficient credit loaded onto your Pod-Point account to cover the charging session or it will stop when your credit runs out. 

To end your charging session simply unplug and drive away!

You will be billed for the duration your car is plugged in and not for the duration it is consuming energy.

 Tariff - £1.50 per Hour*

car charging at the town hall

car charging socket on wall


We would ask that once you are fully charged you unplug and move your car to leave the charger available for others to use. This will also prevent you paying more than you need to.




*You will be charged on a per minute basis


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