Gigabit Broadband

Following extensive work by individuals in the local community, Bellingham was chosen to receive full fibre gigabit broadband as part of the Government's Rural Broadband Voucher Scheme.

WeFibre are the company providing the initial service to our area via the Government funding.


Why do I need Gigabit Broadband?

Bellingham has always been the last place to get new services such as full mobile phone coverage, but recently had the opportunity for us to get access to a faster broadband service than most towns and cities in the UK.

WeFibre offer speeds of up to 1000Mbps download and upload - up to 14x faster than the UK average download speed and up to 64x faster than the average upload speed! The fastest speeds in our area currently are around a maximum of 70Mbps download and 17Mbps upload depending on your provider and package.

Speeds vary as the current network relies on old fashioned phone lines to bring broadband from the nearest green street cabinet to your property. Full Fibre is different - a fibre optic cable is run direct to your property so there is no old wiring to slow down your connection meaning blistering fast speeds!

You can see a comparison of different speeds illustrated using buckets below!



While you may not notice the difference while generally browsing the big difference is when you download files such as movies or things like software updates which will be MUCH faster! You can also do more things at once such as stream online TV and Movies in multiple rooms at the same time with no buffering.

Since the arrival of WeFibre, Openreach has started to upgrade parts of the village to full fibre from the tradtional copper lines with the plan to complete the upgrade of the whole area by 2026. This upgrade allows customers of other providers to access up to 900Mbps speeds on other networks.

Check with WeFibre or your provider for prices and availability. 

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