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Bellingham has been chosen to receive full fibre gigabit broadband as part of the Government's rural broadband voucher scheme.

WeFibre are the company providing the service to our area and we are delighted to announce that our Gigabit Fibre Broadband Community Project has now received Government approval for funding!

Action Required!

If you have already registered, you will shortly receive an email from "Gigabit Vouchers" with the subject "UK Gigabit Voucher Scheme - action required". This is from the DCMS.

Some email services may see this as Spam so make sure you check your Spam folder if you don't get the email in your inbox.

You need to open the email and click the link to validate your voucher request.

Complete the form which will ask you if you are a Business, Sole Trader or Resident. Remember to select one of the business options if they apply to you - even if you run a business from home.

The form will state you are agreeing to Telcom (which is WeFibre's parent company) requesting a voucher of your behalf.

Once completed you will receive a confirmation email and you can sit back, relax and wait for WeFibre to install your ultrafast connection!

It's not too late to join the party if you haven't registered your interest yet. Visit wefibre.com/grants and register your details. The package on offer is a 1Gbps download AND upload full fibre connection direct to your property for only £20 per month for residential and small businesses! 

The first spade went into the ground today (22nd July) marking the start of build of our exciting new WeFibre Gigabit broadband network!

The team from Pioneer Utilities have commenced work to install our new fibre cabinet and the associated ducting which will allow WeFibre to connect homes and businesses via existing underground ducts and overhead poles throughout the parish.

Watch out for more contractors from Telcom Infrastructure in the coming weeks as we move to the next phase of the build!

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Bellingham has always been the last place to get new services such as full mobile phone coverage, but this is the opportunity for us to get access to a faster broadband service than most towns and cities in the UK.

WeFibre offer speeds of 1000Mbps download and upload - up to 14x faster than the UK average download speed and up to 64x faster than the average upload speed! The fastest speeds in our area currently are around a maximum of 70Mbps download and 17Mbps upload depending on your provider and package.

Speeds vary as the current network relies on old fashioned phone lines to bring broadband from the nearest green street cabinet to your property. WeFibre is different - they run a fibre optic cable direct to your property so there is no old wiring to slow down your connection meaning blistering fast speeds!

You can see a comparison of different speeds illustrated using buckets below!



This whole project is only made possible by accessing grant funding in the shape of Rural Gigabit Vouchers, a scheme run by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. If you have already applied for a grant on the WeFibre website, then that’s it for now, you can sit back, put on the kettle and let them do all the hard work involved in bringing the goodness of WeFibre to your door.

We have exceeded the 100 signup voucher threshold (Rural Gigabit Voucher Claims) we need for WeFibre to proceed with the project and our new network is now in the design phase. It's not too late for you to claim your government voucher and spread the word to your friends, neighbours and wider community so we can all benefit from a faster and cheaper full fibre optic service!

The initial phase of the NE22 project has been submitted to DCMS for funding approval. This will now start the process of review with DCMS, which we expect to last from 8-12 weeks before we reach final sign off for the plans submitted.

What do I need to do?

The Government has re-launched the voucher scheme so you can still claim your free installation and free trial of the service! If you haven’t yet applied for your Government voucher simply head over to wefibre.com/grants and complete the short form to lock in your grant funding today!

Please note this is different to the registration of interest you may already have filled out so needs to be completed. You are not committing to anything and don’t need to sign up to the service if you don’t want to but your voucher claim will help the get the service to your friends and neighbours.

The package WeFibre are offering is 1Gbps (1000Mbps) upload AND download for £20 per month on a 12 month plan, or £30 per month on a 30 day rolling plan for residential & small business customers and you don't need a phone line!

The Government voucher also gives you FREE INSTALLATION, a saving of £49!


Super Important

The Government scheme has been extended so you can still get free installation and a 30 day no obligation free trial of blisteringly fast Gigabit Broadband. The new network will be available to residents of Bellingham, Redesmouth and Charlton under the Government DCMS Rural Gigabit Programme.

If you are a small business, shop etc please click the “Yes” option under “Do you have a business at this address?”. The form states home businesses but we have been told that it applies to other small businesses too. Registering as a business means you get a £3500 voucher rather than the £1500 residential voucher which really helps!


WeFibre's own fibre network can operate alongside your current broadband service so why not claim your voucher and try them for free for 30 days. If you’re not blown away by their 1,000Mbps speeds, you can leave free of charge - no hard feelings!


What about my home phone?

These days many of us use our mobile phones for calls and only have a home phone because you need one to get broadband! This is not the case with WeFibre so you are free to ditch the landline saving even more money!

If you still need a landline phone you have the option of keeping your exiting phone line or moving your number to a new VoIP (Voice over IP) service which carries your existing phone number over your shiney new fibre connection. VoIP services can be significantly cheaper than a traditional landline - details are listed in the pricing document below. 


Got questions?

Check out WeFibre's Frequently Asked Questions page for some common questions and their answers.

If you need more details you can call the Parish Council on 01434 221197


Spring 2021 Price Guide

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price guide

price guide

price guide

price guide

Download the WeFibre Spring 2021 Price Guide HERE

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