09 February 2021
Gigabit Broadband for Bellingham - Update

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You may recall back in September we asked residents and businesses in the parish to get behind the government rural broadband voucher scheme with a view to getting gigibit (1000Mbps) broadband in Bellingham.

The government programme is offering vouchers worth £1500 per home and £3500 per small/medium (SME) business to support suppliers with the cost of installing new fast and reliable connections. The more people that register their interest the more government vouchers we have to use and the more likely it is we get the service.

We have been contacted by WeFibre who are interested in providing service to our area.

The deal they are offering is 1Gbps (1000Mbps) upload AND download for £20 per month for residential and £60 per month for business customers.

As more and more people are uploading files, photos etc to the cloud, upload speed becomes more important. WeFibre offers on average download speeds up to 14x faster than the UK average and upload speeds up to 64x faster!

They require a certain level of interest in order to progress in the village so we are asking everyone who would like ultra-fast Gigibit broadband to register their interest by clicking the WeFibre logo below and clicking on the "Join the waiting list" button and entering your details. You are not committing to anything at this time, it is just to allow WeFibre to gauge interest and work out wether investing in our area is viable for them.

wefibre logo

Please click the link and register your interest and make sure you share this post and tell your friends too!



*Comparison examples to existing residential providers in the area showing maximum available download/upload speeds (prices taken from individual company websites. Correct as of 9th Feb 2021). You can test your actual current download and upload speeds at

WeFibre - 1000Mb/1000Mb - £20/month

BT Fibre1 - upto 80Mb/20Mb - £31.99/month

Sky Fibre - upto 80Mb/20Mb - £27.00/month

TalkTalk Fibre 65 - upto 80Mb/20Mb - £24/month

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra - upto 80Mb/20Mb - £24.99/month


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