18 June 2021
New Parking Signage for Bellingham Village Centre

The Parish Council is aware of the difficulties with parking in Bellingham during the busy tourist season, with many vistiors parking in the centre of the village before heading off on their walks around our fantastic area. 

Parking comes under the responsibility of Highways at Northumberland County Council and the Parish Council is in ongoing talks with them to try to get them to improve the parking offering in and around Bellingham.

In order to try and help relieve some of the pressure in the interim, the Parish Council has installed a new sign outside of the old Barclay's Bank which is hoped will help direct visitors to two parking areas we do manage - the Jubilee Field car park and the Fairstead. 

Both are already used by visitors but it is hoped this additional signage will help reduce the pressure on parking in the village centre until other solutions can be found by NCC.

It also has the added bonus of tidying up a scruffy part of the sign which has been overstuck since the closure of the Tourist Information Centre at Fountain Cottage several years ago. 

parking sign

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