Installation of a Water Fountain

We've brought the fountain back to Fountain View with the installation of a new water bottle filling station on the side of the public conveniences.

This new installation is part of Bellingham Parish Council's continuing environmental push and we hope people will use the new fountain to fill their refillable water bottles instead of single use plastic bottles. 

Bellingham's original fountain was part of the Boer War Memorial when it was located on the junction of the Otterburn and West Woodburn roads. (You can read more about the Boer War Memorial HERE)

boer war memorial original location

The water element was removed when the monument was relocated to Manchester Square in 1950's but a new tap was fitted to the plinth of the monument by the Parish Council around 2010. Unfortunately this tap was short lived as it was knocked over by a reversing driver and was never reinstated. 

The new water fountain is simple to operate - just put your bottle under the spout and push the button to fill with fresh, clean water!


Fountain Located Outside of the Disabled Toilet

water filling station

instruction notice

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